Chantal Stalder of sogni d’oro

“Since my hands follow me, I am creative” says Swiss bead embroidery artist Chantal Stalder. As a child, she used to draw a lot and created many little art projects.
After high school, she studied at The School of Arts in Basel.
That was the start of her professional life as an artist: She began to paint and after a while discovered the art of bead embroidery which is still a great passion of hers.

Since 2000, Chantal lives in Tessin (the Italian speaking part of Switzerland) and owns a studio (‘sogni d’oro’ meaning ‘golden dreams’), where she works and studies.

Chantal exhibits her paintings and bead embroidery art in Switzerland.

She frequently gives workshops and teaches tutorials, showing people how to realize their own art pieces. Chantal loves to share her knowledge gained in the past 8 years of beading.

You can find Chantal online at the kunstatelier-sogni-d-oro.

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