Elly May

Elly May, from @ellymaydesigns, is an embroidery enthusiast specializing in handmade felt ornaments.

Back in 2000, she began sewing small felt keepsakes for her family after receiving an ornament that her sister had made for her. The original ornament was a tiny, white Christmas tree with three pink buttons sewn onto it. Impressed by its charm, Elly May decided to continue the family tradition but would expand the designs to feature embroidery. Using metal cookie cutters as templates, she would trace the shapes onto felt sheets and create a miniature design within the shape. As the ornament-giving tradition expanded to include friends, interest from a wider audience began to grow.

Elly May felt ornaments are crafted in Geneva, Switzerland. Each one is unique and features traditional embroidery stitching in floral designs, often with added detailing using buttons or beads. Predominantly made from wool felt, these quaint keepsakes can be hung anywhere in the home. View more on Instagram under @ellymaydesigns.

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